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Tribal Administrative Consulting Services

FSA Advisory Group’s team of professionals with extensive tribal administration and finance experience is dedicated to providing Tribal Administrative Consulting Services to our clients.

Specialized lines of services include:

Tribal Administration Coaching

Utilizing coaching techniques and a strengths-based approach, this service explores goals, tasks, options, challenges, and possible outcomes to enhance tribal administration functions. FSA Advisory Group will work one-on-one with Tribal Administrator(s) on a bi-monthly basis to discover, clarify and align administration goals and create a place of action to accomplish those goals.

Coaching is a valuable method for leadership development by having a safe environment to receive support, increase self-awareness, gain better perceptions, and learn how to use all available resources.

Grant Management Services

The integrity of tribal grant administration depends upon the knowledge and experience of its professionals. FSA Advisory Group is here to assist tribal professionals in strengthening and enhancing grant management by providing guidance on governing laws, regulations, and policy, including internal controls, tribal procurement, indirect cost rate, and other areas directly linked to grant management.

FSA provides pre-award and post-award support to ensure compliance over the entire grant life cycle. The streamlined process that FSA has developed ensures that tribal clients are given the necessary tools to strengthen financial decisions in their communities.

COVID-19 Grant Administration Services

FSA Advisory Group provides planning and administrative services for COVID-19 related grant programs such as the American Rescue Plan Act, Infrastructure Bill, and other COVID-19 related funds.

During this process, the FSA Team will help identify qualifying spending areas, facilitate visioning and establishment of priorities, and assist in creating a plan design and implementation. FSA will monitor grant compliance, provide accounting recommendations, and reporting guidance.

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