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Tribal Administrative Consulting Services

At FSA Advisory Group, our team of professionals brings together a wealth of experience in tribal administration and finance to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of tribal communities. We are dedicated to providing specialized services designed to empower tribes, enhance financial management practices, and promote sustainable growth and development.

Specialized lines of services include:

Grant Compliance Services

Navigating the multi-layered compliance obligations faced by Tribal Governments can be challenging. Our team offers comprehensive grant compliance services, including policy assessment, organizational communication enhancement, compliance commitment promotion, education and training, issue support and resolution, monitoring, and reporting

Financial Policy and Procedures Development Services

Robust financial policies and procedures are essential for ensuring transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. We provide support in assessing current policies, developing tailored solutions, facilitating organizational improvements, and offering ongoing guidance to strengthen financial management practices.

105(l) Lease Consulting & Support Services

A 105(l) lease is an agreement between the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) or Indian Health Service (IHS) and a federally recognized tribe to compensate a tribe for facility operational expenses relating to the use of a facility to operate contracted or compacted Programs, Functions, Services, and Activities (PFSAs). Securing compensation through 105(l) leases is critical for tribes operating contracted or compacted programs. Our team serves as a subject matter expert in 105(l) leases, offering assistance in eligibility assessment, current lease evaluation, facility identification, cost calculation methodology determination, appraisal assistance, documentation support, and ongoing lease progress updates.

Indirect Cost Proposal Development and Submission

Maximizing reimbursement for indirect costs is key to supporting tribal programs and services. We specialize in developing and submitting comprehensive indirect cost proposals, navigating the Interior Business Committee submission process, and securing Negotiated Indirect Cost Agreements to ensure fair compensation for overhead expenses.

Third-Party Revenue Spending Plan Services

Effective management of third-party revenue is vital for advancing tribal priorities and community well-being. Our team collaborates with tribes to develop strategic spending plans, provide documentation support, offer program development guidance, and coordinate with legal counsel and subject matter experts to optimize the impact of external funding sources.

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